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Recalling The Truth

This song is by Robyn Hitchcock and appears on the album The Man Upstairs (2014).


Recalling the truth the way that it seems
The way that it falls between you and your dreams
The way you said yes as you followed me in
You've been gone so long recalling the truth.

Now what could that mean ? The truth can just change
Like the tide on the sea when the river runs out
And the mountain grows still
Y ou've been gone so long.

A kiss on the stairs, a heartbeat embrace
A kiss in the morning on the side of your face.

Recalling the truth, the window of bliss
The opens just once for the price of a kiss
If the price is too high then to pay is a sin
You've been gone so long.

You hide from yourself but it's tracking you down
It was me that was lost and it's you that I found.

Recalling the truth, whatever that was
It doesn't last long, whatever does?
The men always end where the women begin
You've been gone so long
You've been gone so long
You've been gone.

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