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Album by Robin Schulz.
  1. Headlights (featuring Ilsey)
  2. Sugar (featuring Francesco Yates)
  3. Heatwave (featuring Akon)
  4. Yellow (featuring Disciples)
  5. Show Me Love (with J.U.D.G.E.)
  6. Love Me Loud (with M-22) (featuring Aleesia)
  7. Pride (featuring soFLY and Nius)
  8. Find Me feat. (featuring HEYHEY)
  9. Titanic
  10. This Is Your Life
  11. Save Tonight (with Moguai) (featuring Solamay)
  12. 4 Life (featuring Graham Candy)
  13. Wave Goodbye (with Henri Pfr) (featuring Jeffrey Jey)
  14. World Turns Grey (with HEYHEY) (featuring Princess Chelsea)
  15. Moonlit Sky (with Moby) (featuring The Void Pacific Choir)

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