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​You Won't Let Me Go

This song is by Robin Batteau.

I want you, I need you, I'm all packed up to go
But darling, if you love me, you won't let me go

If a love? A true love, it never runs smooth you know
So if your love is a true love, you won't let me go

If you don't say you love me, I'm gonna walk right
Out the door
And Ill hope that you?l stop me, so I can hear you
Call me darling once more

I tell you I love you, yes I love you
With all my heart and soul, so darling if you love me
You wont let me go

Hey I love you now, I say I love you
Oh with all my heart and soul
So darling well if you love me
I know you won't let me go
Girl I know you won't let me go

Written by:

Bud Allen; Woodrow Buddy Johnson