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Not in My Airforce (1996)Edit

Robert Pollard - Not in My Airforce

Not in My Airforce

  1. Maggie Turns to Flies
  2. Quicksilver
  3. Girl Named Captain
  4. Get Under It
  5. Release the Sunbird
  6. John Strange School
  7. Parakeet Troopers
  8. One Clear Minute
  9. Chance to Buy an Island
  10. I've Owned You for Centuries
  11. The Ash Gray Proclamation
  12. Flat Beauty
  13. King of Arthur Avenue
  14. Roofer's Union Fight Song
  15. Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
  16. Prom Is Coming
  17. Party
  18. Did It Play?
  19. Double Standards Inc.
  20. Punk Rock Gods
  21. Meet My Team
  22. Good Luck Sailor

Waved Out (1998)Edit

Robert Pollard - Waved Out

Waved Out

  1. Make Use
  2. Vibrations in the Woods
  3. Just Say the Word
  4. Subspace Biographies
  5. Caught Waves Again
  6. Waved Out
  7. Whiskey Ships
  8. Wrinkled Ghost
  9. Artificial Light
  10. People Are Leaving
  11. Steeple of Knives
  12. Rumbling Joker
  13. Showbiz Opera Walrus
  14. Pick Seeds From My Skull
  15. Second Step Next Language

Kid Marine (1999)Edit

Robert Pollard - Kid Marine

Kid Marine

  1. Submarine Teams
  2. Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd
  3. The Big Make-Over
  4. Men Who Create Fright
  5. Television Prison
  6. Strictly Comedy
  7. Far-Out Crops
  8. Living Upside Down
  9. Snatch Candy
  10. White Gloves Come 0ff
  11. Enjoy Jerusalem!
  12. You Can't Hold Your Women
  13. Town of Mirrors
  14. Powerblessings
  15. Island Crimes

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department (1999)Edit

Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard - Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

  1. Frequent Weaver Who Burns
  2. Soul Train College Policeman
  3. Pop Zeus
  4. Slick as Snails
  5. Do Something Real
  6. Port Authority
  7. Soft Smoke
  8. Same Things
  9. And I Don't (So Now I Do)
  10. Tight Globes
  11. I Get Rid of You
  12. Life Is Beautiful
  13. Messiahs
  14. Larger Massachusetts
  15. And My Unit Moves

From A Compound Eye (2006)Edit

Robert Pollard - From A Compound Eye

From A Compound Eye

  1. Gold
  2. Field Jacket Blues
  3. Dancing Girls And Dancing Men
  4. A Flowering Orphan
  5. The Right Thing
  6. U.S. Mustard Company
  7. The Numbered Head
  8. I’m A Widow
  9. Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns
  10. Kick Me And Cancel
  11. Other Dogs Remain
  12. Kensington Cradle
  13. Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft
  14. Hammer In Your Eyes
  15. 50 Year Old Baby
  16. I Surround You Naked
  17. Cock Of The Rainbow
  18. Conqueror Of The Moon
  19. Blessed In An Open Head
  20. A Boy In Motion
  21. Denied
  22. Lightshow
  23. I’m A Strong Lion
  24. Payment For The Babies
  25. Kingdom Without
  26. Recovering

Normal Happiness (2006)Edit

Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness

Normal Happiness

  1. Accidental Texas Who
  2. Whispering Whip
  3. Supernatural Car Lover
  4. Boxing About
  5. Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On)
  6. Get a Faceful
  7. Towers and Landslides
  8. I Feel Gone Again
  9. Gasoline Ragtime
  10. Rhoda Rhoda
  11. Give up the Grape
  12. Pegasus Glue Factory
  13. Top of My Game
  14. Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
  15. Join the Eagles
  16. Full Sun (Dig the Slowness)

Standard Gargoyle Decisions (2007)Edit

Robert Pollard - Standard Gargoyle Decisions

Standard Gargoyle Decisions

  1. The Killers
  2. Pill Gone Girl
  3. Hero Blows the Revolution
  4. Psycho-Inertia
  5. Shadow Port
  6. Lay Me Down
  7. Butcher Man
  8. Motion Sickness Ghosts
  9. I in the World
  10. Here Comes Garcia
  11. The Island Lobby
  12. Folded Claws
  13. Feel Not Crushed
  14. Accusations
  15. Don't Trust Anybody
  16. Come Here Beautiful
  17. Spider Eyes

Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love (2007)Edit

Robert Pollard - Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

  1. Our Gaze
  2. Count Us In
  3. Exactly What Words Mean
  4. Current Desperation (Angels Speak of Nothing)
  5. Dumb Lady
  6. Rud Fins
  7. Customer's Throat
  8. Miles Under the Skin
  9. Penumbra
  10. Slow Hamilton
  11. Look Is What You Have
  12. I Clap for Strangers
  13. Life of a Wife
  14. Youth Leagues
  15. When We Were Slaves
  16. Nicely Now

We All Got Out of the Army (2010)Edit

Robert Pollard - We All Got Out of the Army

We All Got Out of the Army

  1. Silk Rotor
  2. I Can See
  3. Post-Hydrate Update
  4. Your Rate Will Never Go Up
  5. On Top of the Vertigo
  6. Red Pyramid
  7. Talking Dogs
  8. Rice Train
  9. Wild Girl
  10. I'll Take the Cure
  11. Cameo of a Smile
  12. Poet Bums
  13. How Many Stations
  14. His Knighthood Photograph
  15. Face Down
  16. We All Got Out (Of the Army)
  17. Faster to Babylon

Moses On A Snail (2010)Edit

Robert Pollard - Moses On A Snail

Moses On A Snail

  1. The Weekly Crow
  2. A Constant Strangle
  3. Arrows And Balloons
  4. Lie Like A Dog
  5. Ice Cold War
  6. Each Is Good In His Own House
  7. How I've Been In Trouble
  8. It's News
  9. It's A Pleasure Being You
  10. Big Time Wrestling
  11. Teardrop Paintballs
  12. Moses On A Snail

Space City Kicks (2011) Edit

Robert Pollard - Space City Kicks

Space City Kicks

  1. Mr. Fantastic Must Die
  2. Space City Kicks
  3. Blowing Like A Sunspot
  4. I Wanna Be Your Man In The Moon
  5. Sex She Said
  6. One More Touch
  7. Picture A Star
  8. Something Strawberry
  9. Follow A Loser
  10. Children Ships
  11. Stay Away
  12. Gone Hoping
  13. Into It
  14. Tired Life
  15. Touch Me In The Right Place At The Right Time
  16. Woman To Fly
  17. Getting Going
  18. Spill The Blues

Jack Sells The Cow (2012)Edit

Robert Pollard - Jack Sells The Cow

Jack Sells The Cow

  1. Heaven Is A Gated Community
  2. Take In
  3. Who’s Running My Ranch
  4. Up For All That
  5. Pontius Pilate Heart
  6. Big Groceries
  7. Fighting The Smoke
  8. The Rank Of A Nurse
  9. Tight But Normal Squeeze
  10. Red Rubber Army
  11. The March Of Merrillville
  12. Winter Comes To Those Who Pray

Blazing Gentlemen (2013)Edit

Robert Pollard - Blazing Gentlemen

Blazing Gentlemen

  1. Magic Man Hype
  2. Blazing Gentleman
  3. Red Flag Down
  4. Storm Center Level Seven
  5. Return of the Drums
  6. Piccadilly Man
  7. Professional Goose Trainer
  8. Extra Fool's Day
  9. 1000 Royalty Street
  10. My Museum Needs An Elevator
  11. Tonight's the Rodeo
  12. Tea People
  13. Faking The Boy Scouts
  14. Triple Sec Venus
  15. This Place Has Everything
  16. Lips of Joy

Of Course You Are (2016)Edit

Robert Pollard - Of Course You Are

Of Course You Are

  1. My Daughter Yes She Knows
  2. Long Live Instant Pandemonium
  3. Come And Listen
  4. Little Pigs
  5. Promo Brunette
  6. I Can Illustrate
  7. The Hand That Holds You
  8. Collision Daycare
  9. That’s The Way You Gave It To Me
  10. Contemporary Man (He’s Our Age)
  11. Losing It
  12. Of Course You Are

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Other SongsEdit

  1. I Drove A Tank

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