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Wreckless Love

This song is by Robert Plant and appears on the album The Principle of Moments (1983).

Now, red is urgent, green's a let off
And the score shows just another spin off
Orange dance and brown is old
Grey is weary, don't touch gold

In the fireworks, away from the heat
Behind closed doors, away from the street
No-one is listening, at least that's what you think
'Cause a slow fuse burns much faster than you think

Like the new look, all that matters
Through the last one, back in the shadows
Purple each why, yellow know
Silver's worn and don't touch-go

Dance through the coloured razzamatazz
Spin alone, desert affairs
Reckless love is creeping on you
Now, watch her ways

'Cause, reckless love will drive you crazy
It will wear your mind out
Creeps up on you when you don't know
And it will find out

Reckless love, reckless love
Oh, reckless love, reckless love
Oh yeah

Race with my heart to the top of a kiss
Try my desire but take care after his
Breaking my heart, for it's all that I own (crazy with my heart)
Are called mine in these times I'm alone (crazy with my heart)

Other the arms that held me so tight (crazy with my heart)
Slipped through my mind, with you, in the night
I'm feeling reckless, feeling reckless, reckless love

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Ooh reckless

Reckless love, reckless love
Reckless love, reckless love
Reckless love, reckless love
Reckless love, reckless love

Oh baby, burn

Feel it creeping up on you
It's reckless love, reckless love

Now, now, now
It's reckless love
Oh, oh, yeah

Come on, come on, come on, come on, yash
Reckless, get it
Reckless love, reckless love
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes


Written by:

Robbie Blunt, Robert Plant

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