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Light Years

This song is by Robert Palmer and appears on the album Don't Explain (1990).

I'm looking down from a precipice
I hear a roar from behind
The whole world's pushing
To let them pass
I think they'd best wait in line
I'm in the eye of a hurricane
I wait for mountains to fall
The world comes thundering down again
But nothing gets through these walls
I've waited light years for this moment
I've waited light years for you

I'm out there watching the sun come up
And I've got nowhere to hide
The world keeps on pushing
Just to get a look
But I'm not stepping aside
Forces have met to bring me here to you
Nothing on earth can keep me from the truth
Now the eternal flame at last burns bright again
The wait was not in vain
Now that I've found you
The storm is raging around us all
A shelter forms in my mind
The world keeps pushing upon my door
But I won't let them inside


Written by:

The Divinyls, Robert Palmer

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