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The Ballad Of John F. Fahey

This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album Blue Mountain (2004).

Woke up this morning to the call of the crow
Knew it would bid no good
Heard the sparrow like a baby cryin' in the willow wood

The sun came up I made love to my wife
Then I strapped on my gun
I had a feeling about the day ahead, it was an ominous one

Down at the station my desk was a mess
My secretary's getting so old
I shuffled papers and I answered the phone and drank my coffee cold

I've got a picture of my wife and my kids up on the gray metal file
One of my sons runs a grain elevator, the other one just runs wild

A-woo, a-woo

The call came in at a quarter to ten
I ran out and lit up the car
Made it to Sherburne in two minutes flat, pulled up outside the bar
The owner was layin' on the sidewalk cryin', with a bullet hole in his side
He said "he's in there and he's got a gun" and then he just curled up and died

I ran up the alley I snuck around back, slid in the service door
There was a man in a mask with a gun in his hand
Pickin' money up off the floor

I drew my weapon I told him "don't move" or I would blow him away
I saw him turnin' in the dim bar light as he went to make his play

I aimed my weapon I was dizzy and sick, it's the moment that all cops hate
But when I heard his automatic click, I didn't hesitate

My gun went off and the man went down, money flyin' all over the place
When the smoke cleared I went on over and pulled the mask off of his face

A-woo, a-woo

I'm John F. Fahey the chief of police, the law around this town
Today I went in and turned in my badge and laid my weapon down

I'm John F. Fahey the chief of police, I love my family
But I'm stayin' in a rented room tonight in a house on Cherry Street

Now I can't change it, can't drink it away, can't even look at my wife
It's as bad as things can get for a man when he takes his own son's life

Wish I could turn back the hands of time, wish I could turn it around
I'd be there lyin' in that pool of blood and he'd be leavin' town

There's one moment in every man's life he can never forget
There's one moment that won't go away he only lives to regret

I'm John F. Fahey, I'm the chief of police, the law around this town
Today I went in and turned in my badge and laid my weapon down

A-woo, a-woo

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