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Ridin' High

This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album Blue Mountain (2004).

Cloud of smoke on the mountain
Cup of rain in my hands
That river is much too deep
And dark to understand

Roll me up in my blanket
It's so cold and damp
Tell that bottle to come back
Stop runnin' all around the camp

Ridin' high, high, high
Ridin' high

I had a girl in the city
Brand new Ford in the stall
Up here in the big pines
A man can feel so small

Left the crowd at the courthouse
All my friends back in school
I never did what they said I did
But I ran off like a fool

Ridin' high, high, high
Ridin' high

Bluebird singin' beside me
Such a lonesome sound
Soon that north star will guide me
On the trail where the sun goes down

Cuttin' wood in the mornin'
Chainsaws bringin' 'em down
Rich folks readin' the New York Times
Out on fair Long Island Sound

I miss my cream and my sugar
All that big city noise
Got an arm 'round my shoulder
He's a mean old country boy

Ridin' high, high, high
Ridin' high

Throw a dream on the fire
Let 'em all burn down
Let the flames take me higher
To the place where the lost are found

She's my constant companion
I hold her tight in my knees
I couldn't make it without that horse
I'd fall right here and freeze

Snowflakes fallin' like feathers
Layin' deep on the bough
We're headin' up country
Ain't no way to turn back now

Ridin' high, high, high
Ridin' high

Ridin' high, high, high
Ridin' high

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