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This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album Blue Mountain (2004).

My daddy played the flattop
My mother loved to dance
I'll get a girl like her
If I ever get the chance
Ev'ry girl I'd meet
They just leave me sick and sad
They're steppin' all over my rag

Been all around this country
Lookin' for a girl
'Cause if you wanna dance
You need a partner in this world
But they just break my heart
Before I even drop my bags
And they're steppin' all over my rag

I met a preacher's daughter
Who never heard the word
She'd fallen out of grace
She was a pretty little bird
She did the Chi-town shimmy
And she did the Dixie Drag
But she stepped all over my rag

I had a girl in Frisco
She wore a dress of red
I gave her all my money
She took me home to bed
But the only dance she did
Was the San Francisco Shag
Then she stepped all over my rag

Here comes Miss Mississippi
She's bustin' into town
Spendin' all her money
Makin' all the rounds
Sit down now, pretty lady
'Cause you're all pull and brag
And you're steppin' all over my rag

I know someday I'll find her
In some cold backwater town
She'll come dancin' through
Them barroom doors
And never touch the ground
Until I find my honey
I'm still on that whiskey jag
And they're steppin' all over my rag

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