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​Lookin' For Love

This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album The Seventh Lake (2004).

I'm lookin' for love, for something complete
I'm lookin' in the clouds above and in the gutter on the street

I'm prayin' for rain, and the rainbow, too
I'm waitin' for lighting to strike me and who knows who

I'm takin' a train down to Baltimore
I'm tellin' my aches and pains I ain't gonna take anymore

I know a spot... where the band's always hot
I'm gonna dance with my dream girl even if she's really not

I ain't lookin' to sign papers, cramp anybody's style
I don't wanna cause you vapors, I just wanna see you smile
Oh, love, I'm lookin' for you

I'm ridin' the range on my old Appaloosa
I might wind up in chains or hangin' from a noose

I'm roundin' up all my old-time used-to-be's
Wonderin' if anybody out there still remembers me

The carnival lights are dimmin' way down
And all of the stars from last night are layin' on the ground

But nothin' come true but I keep takin' the bait
'Cause I know tomorrow or the next day is gonna be great

Now if I had to pick her out, cold from a line
Man, I wouldn't know which one's supposed to be mine
Oh, love, I'm lookin' for you

I'm lookin' for love, I got nothin' to lose
I'm looking around in fancy cars and clothes and booze

But someday I know when I find something true
I guess when it's the real thing you know exactly what to do

I'm lookin' for love, oh love
I'm lookin' for you
Aww, go on!