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Everybody's Talkin'

This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album The Seventh Lake (2004).

Everybody's yakkin'
Everybody's yellin'
Nobody's listenin'
'Cause ev'rybody's tellin' you

What to do with
With the only life you got
Well, everybody's talkin'
And I'd rather not

Everybody's screechin'
Everybody's cryin'
Everybody's preachin'
Everybody's lyin'

God up in heaven is
Goin' out of his mind
He's prayin' you people
Will just shut up sometime

Here comes a newsman
Gather 'round the news van
Rumor's goin' 'round
He's got the actual facts

He's up there on TV
Givin' me the L.D.
Really disagree
But I can't talk back

Everybody's jokin'
Everybody's laughin'
Everybody's chokin'
Everybody's gaspin'

A hot wind's blowin'
And we're runnin' out of air
Everybody's talkin'
But nobody really cares

Everybody's chattin'
Everybody's chantin'
Everybody's ravin'
Everybody's grantin'

Headset's hardwired
Keepin' my brain alive
Hooked up twenty-four seven
Three sixty-five

Everybody's jivin'
Everybody's jawin'
Everybody's hemmin'
Everybody's hawin'

The volume up to eleven
The last time I heard, well
The song keeps playin'
But I can't hear the words

Down on the bayou
Eatin' jambalaya
Discussin' architecture of the fishin' shack
Me-o, my-oh! I'm just getting' high-o
In the bottom of a barrel
With a bottle of Jack
Dogs are barkin'
Birds are singin'
Parrots are squawkin'
Monkeys are swingin'
As I drift off to dreamland
Dark and deep
I woke myself up
Talkin' in my sleep
Well I thought I'd get out of reach

I headed for Miami Beach
There's a racket goin' on
I think I had a heart attack
I think I'll fly back to New York City
And just kick back

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