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End Of The Line

This song is by Robert Hazard and appears on the album Blue Mountain (2004).

The whistle's blowin' far, far away
It's midnight in the middle of the day
On empty streets the blank-eyed zombies stroll
Singin' low in ragtime jelly roll
Lookin' for a place they'll never find
Down at the end of the line

The skeleton cab driver nods his head
He don't hear a single word you said
A hula girl is dancin' on the dash
The tape deck's playin' unplugged Johnny Cash
And he can't read the twisted rusty signs
Down at the end of the line

Down at Tombstone City you can't fail
They're puttin' on their year-end blow-out sale
And don't forget your lifetime guarantee
That's over when you walk in off the street
You're makin' payments until the end of time
Down at the end of the line

They're closin' up at Blackie's Bar and Grill
Outside the wolves are howlin' on the hill
It's ten below and your pickup truck won't start
You stumble down the road into the dark
Where hungry eyes are watchin' from the pines
Down at the end of the line

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