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A Place to Hide Away

This song is by Robert Forster and appears on the album The Evangelist (2008).

Lightning cracks the convent mist curls to the bells
Trees run down to the road, protect the convent girls
A Sister somewhere bows her head to pray
Offer protection, a place to hide away

Deep in Sherwood Forest the elves keep to themselves
No one is scarecrow, the witch has no spells
A map of tree tops, a road that's made of clay
It's hard to get to, a place to hide away

I'm thinking of Mondaino, I'm thinking of Greece
I'm thinking a walled city to give me my peace
I might take up teaching, I have a lot to say
At a roundtable, at a place to hide away

I might take you up on one fine sunny day
I might take you up to a place to hide away


Written by:

Robert Forster

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