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Ground Control To Pilot

This song is by Robert Calvert and appears on the album Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters (1974).

(Voices of Ground control and pilot. Intercom radio type distortion.)

Ground Control: Ready for last minute cock-pit-check?
Pilot: OK.
GC: Largactil... five milligrammes.
P: Check.
GC: Valium... ten milligrammes.
P: Check.
GC: Haloperidol... five milligrammes.
P: Which one?
GC: The little white ones. W - W for white. (W-W written as the German VolksWagen symbol)
P: (a bit slower) OK. Check.
GC: Pheno Barbitone. Five Milligrammes
P: (slower) Check.
GC: Disipel... five milligrammes.
P: (even slower) Cheeeck.
GC: Glass of water.
P: Cheeeeeeeck...
Ground Control and Pilot: Our father ... which art in heaven hallowed be ... mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxi ma culpa.

(Jet take off noise into...)

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