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Board Meeting (Seen Through A Contract Lense)

This song is by Robert Calvert and appears on the album Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters (1974).

(Voices of German politician and high ranking Airforce officers. Argy bargy and board room murmurings):
Strauss: Fine... We'll take seven hundred.
Voice 1: Two hundred and fifty is enough.
Strauss: Seven hundred.
Voice 1: No. Two hundred and fifty is all we can cope with. At the most.
Strauss: We need SEVEN HUNDRED. At least.
Voice 1: Two hundred and fifty.
American Salesman: Would you mind just signing here please.
And here. O yes, and one down here.
German Official: Development costs? But surely you can't forecast development costs... isn't that a little... irregular (?)
Salesman: G... ehm, G for Germany...
(Scratch of pen, signing)
Salesman: It's perfectly ok... G for Germany... we go for that in a big way...

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