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Best Intentions

This song is by Robbie Williams and appears on the album The Heavy Entertainment Show (2016).

We take big old trips down to the countryside
Got a big old house where we reside
And there's a big old boy with a big old gun
Stays up all night in case the weirdos come

I had a job but I resigned
Then I had a change of mind
I will again if I'm inclined

Another moan from a millionaire
I don't know why I'm telling you 'cause you don't care
I'm holding out for peace and air time

I'm a little bit older but not wiser still
I was smoking marijuana taking sleeping pills
But I get up in the morning, take the kids to school
And my other indiscretions are so minuscule

And I really pray to God it stays that way
'Cause deep inside I think I'm still dirty
When you take your chances and you ride your luck
All you're really saying is "I could fuck this up"

You have to understand that my intentions are good
And everything I do, I do for love
I've made a ton of mistakes, it's either fight or flight
But every now and then I kinda get it right

(He kinda gets it right)

I kinda get it right

(He kinda gets it right)

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