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Do You Want More (2004)Edit

Robbie Rivera - Do You Want More

Do You Want More

  1. Which Way You're Going
  2. Do You Want More?
  3. Degenerate
  4. Float Away
  5. Games People Play
  6. Firebird
  7. All About You
  8. Blah Blah Blah
  9. Uptown Girls
  10. Hometown
  11. The Drive
  12. It's Like This, It's Like That
  13. Uptown Girls (Ragga Mix)
  14. Girlfriend

Star Quality (2008)Edit

Robbie Rivera - Star Quality

Star Quality

  1. Back to Zero
  2. Be Near
  3. Star Quality
  4. Say You Know Me
  5. Come On Home
  6. Till We Meet Again
  7. In Too Deep
  8. Move Move
  9. No Nobody
  10. New Direction
  11. Aye Aye Aye (featuring C&C Music Factory Djs)
  12. No Nobody (Club Mix)
  13. Back to Zero (Juicy Miami Dub)
  14. Be Near (Club Mix)
  15. Back to Zero (Juicy Miami Vocal Mix)
  16. Move Move (Club Mix)
  17. Star Quality (Club Mix)
  18. Come On Home (Club Mix)
  19. In Too Deep (Club Mix)
  20. Aye Aye Aye (featuring C&C Music Factory Djs) (Clivilles & Rivera Club Mix)

The Album: Dance or Die (2012)Edit

Robbie Rivera - The Album- Dance or Die

The Album: Dance or Die

  1. In the Morning (featuring Wynter Gordon)
  2. All We Are (featuring Blake Lewis)
  3. Turn It Around (featuring Jes)
  4. Dance Your *ss Off (featuring Mr. Eyez)
  5. Been So Long (featuring Jaba)
  6. Zoomas
  7. Miami
  8. It's a Feeling (featuring Lizzie Curious)
  9. I Want More (featuring Steve Edwards)
  10. Makes Me Feel Good
  11. Ding Dong (featuring Sue Cho)
  12. Starlight
  13. Forever Young
  14. Turn It Around (featuring Jes) (Bluestone Vs. Loverush Club Mix)
  15. Flying Eggs (Bonus track, Robbie Rivera Mix)
  16. Dance or Die (Continuous Dj Mix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Get Together
  2. Back To Zero 2010
  3. Closer To The Sun
  4. One Eye Shut

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