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Where There's A Road

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

Jeff Davis was no county line to my daddy
More like a wall he could not see beyond
Yeah to me that farm was just a jail
And the day I turned 16 I bailed
Shook off the Georgia dust and I was gone

To the wild unknown
When no light to guide me shown
And the wheels had ideas of their own

Amy joined the ride in a Joplin pawn shop
And a hard core band somewhere around Santa Fe
With a club to wreck and a town to burn
Not a cent to waste, no rock unturned
Days like those you've got to throw away

Wine to the women bound to no one
Fire up the engine down the fences go
Free that's about the blacktop, the back route
There's always a way out where there's a road

That Portland week I can't seem to remember
Those Houston nights that just won't quit my mind
Yeah check out 7:00, doors at 10:00
Bedrooms just up the bend
And a thousand more to let somewhere behind

Wine to the women bound to no one...

To the last free man
Ain't no mystery can stand
When the key's right there in your hand

So Amy please don't make this any harder
This tramp you lost is sure no cause to cry
No flesh and blood could buy my hand
You could ask a sad old Georgia man
Since I've been gone it's been one long goodbye

Wine to the women bound to no one...

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