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We'll Burn Together

This song is by Robbie Fulks and appears on the album Country Love Songs (1996).

My friends all said I'd pay, my wife begged me to stay
But I couldn't tear my self away from you
So we bear our cross in shame; maybe we'll go down in flames,
But we'll burn together, if we do.

For the sweet forbidden wine our lips were yearning
So we left behind the happy homes we knew
Just to sell our wretched souls for a king-size bed of coals,
And we'll burn together, me and you.

Now, behind us, through the haze, we can see the trail we've blazed
Like scattered ruins our children sadly lie
But if we left the fires of home for a match that won't last long
Then we'll burn together 'til we die.

No earthly power could keep my lips from yours, dear
No one alive could pry my heart from you
Let the chips fall where they will, let the wicked burn in Hell,
And we'll burn together if they do.
Yes, we'll burn together, me and you.

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