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​Tears Only Run One Way

This song is by Robbie Fulks and appears on the album Country Love Songs (1996).

Four walls, two hands, and one sad heart don't make a man much company
But that's all that she left me
My friends say I should find a new direction and forget these blues
But I don't even have to choose...

Tears only run one way, never back the way they came
Tears only run one way, and that's down, down, down

Our love ran wild; it brought us low, it took us higher than the sky
Man, it was a real ride

We kissed, we fought, yeah we ran cold and hot, but there's no two ways about
The way that I feel right now

Just like that river flow, a tear won't be controlled
Though man fools have tried, not one has turned the tide

And I can't start to drive her from my heart
No matter how hard I burn
Down the road of no return...