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Leave It To A Loser

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

Lucky me, lovely you
Strange to think it all was true
Fortune smiles on oh so few
How could two have all that we did?

Sleepy days, soft sunshine
Wicked nights up on cloud nine
Holding you so much was mine
More than any man ever needed

But leave it to a loser
To fall from an angel's wings
To let go of all the things
That held him off the ground

Leave it to a loser
Give him love to make his poor head spin
Set him right up in heaven
Lord, he'll still find his way down

Single room bed unmade
Pinup girls, man, what a trade
Thinking bout those nights I strayed
Honey I'm the one feeling cheated

Sure I've got some plans tonight
A show to catch a friend to invite
Things to fill this empty life
The life you once completed

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