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It's Always Raining Somewhere

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

Some people seem to blossom under pressure
Some say a real hard woman's good to find
Some people never get their fill of fightin'
Well I've had mine

At first I felt attracted to the danger
I'll admit your four-star temper turned me on
But into each life must fall a little sunshine
There's just one way to get my darkness gone

So give those pretty legs a shake
I don't care what track you take
There's bound to be a place for you to go
It's always raining somewhere

I'm stone deaf, or so you've always told me
After all your yelling that's just how I feel
Well from this day forth I'll hear just what I want to
The closing door, the slow fade of your heels

Gonna lose what heartache I don't need
You'll get by I'll guarantee
There's men out there that like it cold
I know it's always raining somewhere

So go find a place where badness is a virtue
I'd say New York should suit you to a tee
And there's a hurricane heading for New Orleans
Your French could use some practice mon chéri

So give those pretty legs a shake...

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