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I Never Did Like Planes

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

One way ticket Flight 703
Say goodbye to Tennessee
We had so much now it's all gone
Nothing left but to move along
She said don't cry baby
You'll land on your feet I know
But I'm halfway to heaven
And I still haven't let go

I never did like planes
I'm not one to fly
I'd guess we'd all have wings
If God loved goodbyes
I can't believe that we're all through
I never did like planes but I sure loved you

Three-piece suits
Schedules to keep
Mother rocking her boy to sleep
Service men on their way back home
50,000 feet I'm all alone
The skies are not so friendly
With you down on the ground
Something in me turns cloudy
Everytime I look down

I never did like planes...

Stewardess says is there something wrong sir
I say no, my heart got checked at the curb
It's a rough decent though over a strange skyline
And if love's waiting somewhere
I don't think that I'll make it there on time

I never did like planes...

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