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Goodbye, Cruel Girl

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

Well it's finally happened
You pushed me to the brink
And now I can't go on
Soon the cold arms of night shall embrace my body
Leaving behind only a memory
And these last words to you

Goodbye cruel girl
And don't forget the hurt
These boots of mine are about to hit the dirt
And I know I'm bound for a better world
So hello soft kind city lights
Goodbye cruel girl

You killed my credit line, dragged down my name
You used my poor heart like you had a clue
But losing a loose and half-drunk mama ain't a strong change
Now I'm headed back to the barroom where I first came

So goodbye cruel girl...

Well a country song
By George, that's a pretty sound
And a barstools one place a man can settle down
I think I'll slip the hook
And go look at some bigger fish downtown
It's a white blue sea of neon
And I need to drown

So goodbye cruel girl...

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