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Doin' Right (For All The Wrong Reasons)

This song is by Robbie Fulks.

Down in the hotel bar we fell to talkin'
Her pretty face turnin' warm
With the glow of the wine
Then on my leg I felt the touch of her fingers
One glass later,
She said, "Your room or mine?"

So, I called for the bill
And I reached out for my wallet
Pulled out the credit card
Stared, was just a wife
I would've betrayed her
But, I married her for the family
Not the flame

Tonight I lay me down
Alone in a far off town
Dreaming about the woman, I could be pleasin'
I did the thing that's good
But not because I should
I'm doin' right, for all the wrong reasons


To second in line from her daddy
He's gettin' old
And next year the business I'll own
But here in my penthouse suite
I'm tossin' and turnin'
If I had the courage I'd just pick up the phone

Tonight I lay me down...

I've come to that crossroads time after time
And damned if I cheat
Damned if I walk the line
So I close my eyes, and feel that body on mine
And I just might risk it all
If the feelin' was worth the fall

Tonight I lay me down...

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