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Barely Human

This song is by Robbie Fulks and appears on the album Country Love Songs (1996).

A mouth full of teeth and a head full of brains
Each morning, the soft rush of blood in my veins
The lips taste, the feet walk, a heart pounds within
But I'm barely human after one glass of gin.

What footprints are these in the fresh fallen snow?
And what kind of creature has hurt my wife so?
Who kicked down the front door?
I must have been gone...
I'm barely human from twilight 'til dawn.

She's fed up, she's leaving, and this time, for real
But the thirst in my body is all I can feel
So slowly the clock turns, 'til night falls at last
If I'm barely human, I can still lift the glass.

With one sip, the gin hits, and wipes my head clean
And it brings me a vision: a boy of 15
His eyes raised to heaven, his heart strong and brave
But I'm barely human as I fall to my grave.

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