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(I Love) Nickles And Dimes

This song is by Robbie Fulks and appears on the album Country Love Songs (1996).

I got a spring in my footstep/Hot dog! I'm looking all right
I got a burning feeling/Way down in my pocket tonight
Shakin' in my pants like thunder!
Don't they just sparkle and shine
Traveling everywhere I go 'cause I love, love, love
Nickels and dimes.

Some, they like folding money/Clipped tight like their fat neckties
Quarters they can take to the laundry/But I think they're just a bit outsized
Ooh, I gotta stick my hand down!
I gotta touch them from time to time
Coolest little things I know, and I love, love, love
Nickels and dimes.

Shiny as a red-hot coal
Smooth as a riverbed stone
My gal, she clutches a roll
Until I get her back home
Then she gives me five-cent kisses
Mmm, and I like that kind
I can get a whole lot more
'Cause I love, love, love
Nickels and dimes.

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