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The Ramp

This song is by Robbers on High Street and appears on the album Grand Animals (2007).

In the late afternoon lull before Mom and D get home
I went out for a ride on my bicycle
Down to the corner on 15th Street
PJ and Goose sat looking beat
They said this ramp we made knows no defeat
So I laughed them down
'Cause I thought I was a hot shot clown

Goose said "I don't mean to burst your bubble"
"Are you stepping on my style Goose? Oh man, trouble!"
He said, "I dare you."
I said, "Make it a double."
So I peddled back half a block away from that ramp
Yeah, I hit it so hard

I must have blacked out from the spill
'Cause I didn't even feel
My body roll underneath
That cabby's wheel

Now I wait to die in the hospital
Some sort of soft spot on my skull
While my parents write letter to Leo DiCaprio
They say my son doesn't have long to go
Some kind of soft spot on his skull

Three weeks before they pulled the plug
I got a photo op and a hug
Leo sat bedside
And trained his eyes
He said, "This one will surely lose another son that it never knew"
Man Leo felt it all the way

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