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...Something to Be (2005)Edit

Rob Thomas - ...Something To Be

...Something To Be

  1. This is How a Heart Breaks
  2. Lonely No More
  3. Ever the Same
  4. I Am an Illusion
  5. When the Heartache Ends
  6. ...Something to Be
  7. All That I Am
  8. Problem Girl
  9. Fallin' to Pieces
  10. My My My
  11. Streetcorner Symphony
  12. Now Comes the Night
  13. Not Just a Woman (Deluxe edition track)
  14. You Know Me (Deluxe edition track)
  15. Fallen (Japanese bonus track)

Cradlesong (2009)Edit

Rob Thomas - Cradlesong


  1. Her Diamonds
  2. Gasoline
  3. Give Me the Meltdown
  4. Someday
  5. Mockingbird
  6. Real World '09
  7. Fire On the Mountain
  8. Hard On You
  9. Still Ain't Over You
  10. Natural
  11. Snowblind
  12. Wonderful
  13. Cradlesong
  14. Getting Late
  15. Sleep Til the War is Over (iTunes bonus track)
  16. Believe (iTunes bonus track)
  17. Years from Now (German bonus track)
  18. Remembered Well (German bonus track)
  19. Overrun (Japanese bonus track)

The Great Unknown (2015)Edit

Rob Thomas - The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

  1. I Think We'd Feel Good Together
  2. Trust You
  3. Hold On Forever
  4. Wind It Up
  5. One Shot
  6. The Great Unknown
  7. Absence of Affection
  8. Things You Said
  9. Paper Dolls
  10. NLYTM
  11. Heaven Help Me
  12. Lie to Me
  13. Pieces
Target bonus tracks
  1. All the Best Things
  2. Steady

Songs From Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs Featuring Rob ThomasEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Feel So Bad
  2. Meltdown
  3. Real World
  4. She's Just A Woman
  5. Sleep 'Til The War Is Over
  6. Something To Be (Downtown Version)
  7. Soul Sick
  8. Sunday Morning New York Blue
  9. This Is How A Heart Breaks (Aol Sessions Version)

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