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It Takes Two (1988)Edit

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - It Takes Two
It Takes Two
  • As Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
  1. It Takes Two
  2. Joy and Pain
  3. Don't Sleep on It
  4. Check This Out
  5. Crush
  6. Get on the Dance Floor
  7. Times Are Gettin' Ill
  8. Keep It Going Now
  9. Make It Hot
  10. Creativity

The Incredible Base (1989)Edit

Rob Base - The Incredible Base
The Incredible Base
  1. Turn It Out (Go Base)
  2. Get Up And Have A Good Time
  3. Rumors
  4. Hype It Up
  5. The Incredible Base
  6. War
  7. Outstanding
  8. If You Really Want To Party
  9. Dope Mix
  10. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

Break Of Dawn (1994)Edit

Break Of Dawn
Break Of Dawn
  1. Interlude
  2. Break Of Dawn
  3. Interlude
  4. Run Things
  5. Let The Funk Flow
  6. Symphony
  7. Interlude
  8. Are You With Me?
  9. Bike Tights
  10. Interlude
  11. Make It Hot
  12. Chillin'
  13. I'm Coming...I'm Coming...I Came
  14. Interlude
  15. Get Your Hands Up

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Wanna Rock

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