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​Piece of Me

This song is by Riya, features Emperor and Collette Warren and appears on the album Sublimation (2015).

And in the corners of my mind I repeat all these memories
And all their broken promises, they find a way to get me
I wonder if they realize just how these words affect me now?
It's with me every day.
I wish I'd never let my guards down they were to protect me
And when I close my eyes at night it's only them that I see
I wish that I could figure out who is my friend or enemy now...
If only I could see.
They try to deny it, they think I don't know what they mean
But when I look inside, in their eyes, I can see all their jealousy.
They try to deny it, they think that no one would believe
Just how much they lie, try to hide
How they like to take a piece of me.
Piece of me, piece of me, piece of me