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This song is by River Whyless and appears on the album A Stone, a Leaf, an Unfound Door (2012).

I'm not searching for perfect,
I'm perfecting my search,
To pay the debt they say is high above town.

It's buried deep and its shallow,
I'll pan the river tomorrow,
With the hope that I make my way home,
To a place where our love could have grown.

If the rain fell in sheets,
And washed everything clean,
Then I would be miserable.

You'd kneel in the attic,
Of you fathers apartment,
You'd pray, "Lord, what can I do?"
But I'm not asking him, I'm asking you.

At the top of morning,
And the bottom of night,
You were sleeping closer to him.

I wept in the stairwell,
To our love I said farewell,
I had to just let you go,
To the God that I'd never know.

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