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Cedar Dream Part III

This song is by River Whyless and appears on the album A Stone, a Leaf, an Unfound Door (2012).

We could have stayed there laid flat in the snow,
Alone in our aim for the cabin.
I wanted to love you.
I wanted love white as the winter.

Where did you go my spotted owl?
Have you turned your head have you fled our tower?
Tell me where do we stand.
Should I be running love, or can I hold you hand?

Summon now those cedar beams,
The care in here is timeless.
The wild hunt will rest tethered,
For its path is not but endless.

Was the frame too wide, did we build it empty?
Well, I said I'd try, you screamed you loved me.
But man what a thrill,
It's the life we built, it's the one we died for.