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Racism, Religion, And War... (2000)Edit

River City Rebels - Racism, Religion, and War...
Racism, Religion, and War...
  1. Hate
  2. Religion
  3. The System
  4. Army Boy
  5. Corporate America
  6. Here Or To Go
  7. Military Attitude
  8. That's The Way It's Gotta Be
  9. He She It
  10. Country Is Doomed
  11. Make A Stand
  12. We Will Fight
  13. Fuck You
  14. Stars And Stripes

Playing To Live, Living To Play (2001)Edit

River City Rebels - Playing to Live, Living to Play
Playing to Live, Living to Play
  1. The Band Before The Break
  2. Day To Day
  3. Gotta Get It
  4. Small Town Pride
  5. Friday's Salvation
  6. Devil In Skin
  7. 6am
  8. On The Train
  9. Long Lost Life
  10. Daddy Was A Drunk
  11. 22 Years
  12. 53rd And 3rd
  13. Life Of A Rebel
  14. What's In A Dream

No Good No Time No Pride (2000)Edit

River City Rebels - No Good No Time No Pride
No Good No Time No Pride
  1. Such A Bore
  2. Aborted
  3. Drunken Angel
  4. Life's A Drag
  5. No Time
  6. No Good
  7. Pass The Basket
  8. Johnny Aka
  9. Rotten Brain
  10. U.S. Crush
  11. No Pride
  12. Mutiny

Hate To Be Loved (2004)Edit

River City Rebels - Hate to Be Loved
Hate to Be Loved
  1. Hurt Like I Do
  2. Cloudy Times
  3. Hate To Be Loved
  4. I'm So Vain
  5. No Easy Way Out
  6. Dreamy 17
  7. Don't Mess With Cupid
  8. Die Young
  9. I Wilt
  10. Glitter And Gold
  11. Her New Man
  12. Bloody April

Keepsake Of Luck (2007)Edit

River City Rebels - Keepsake of Luck
Keepsake of Luck
  1. Bright Rays
  2. Farmhouse Blues
  3. All The Flowers
  4. Nothing Makes You Hard
  5. I'm Here
  6. Keepsake Of Luck
  7. Call It Back
  8. Few More Than You
  9. Lost In
  10. Sick Kids
  11. I've Seen
  12. Hopeful Romantic
  13. Icons And Rosaries
  14. Letter In Transit
  15. Bright Side
  16. Little To Offer

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