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Skip the Seventh

This song is by River City High and appears on the EP Forgets Their Manners (2000).

Isn't it funny how time slips away?
You started to forget about me one year ago today.
I still held on, I hoped it could be there.
I had the chance to see but I couldn't believe you didn't care

I spent my time inventing ways to make you stay, but it doesn't work that way.
Even if I built a new god and worshipped it for you.
Just for the simple hope that someday you will love me too.

I can't let go.
All I can think about is you.
And all you put me through.
And I try to sleep alone at night.
But when I close my eyes I see your face. I see your face.
And I've got sour grapes.
Even if I built a new god.
Even if I built a new god.
Built a new god.

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