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Hen's March

This song is by Rita Connolly and appears on the album Granuaile (1985).

There came to me a man
A man of wealth and iron
I with galleys and trade
We made alliance and marriage and all
Married for one year certain

Upon the passing of the year
I did command
Changing of the guard
And castle gates were barred and closed
Richard I dismiss you

There came to me a son
A son named Tibbot-na-Long
He shall be my pride and joy
And he shall have my love
More than any other

There came to me a Lord
Deputy to a Queen
Plumed and feathered and buckled and bowed
And with a thousand horse
A thousand horse behind him

There came to me no luck
The day the dice were thrown
Down upon the Desmond land
And now I am a year alone
Alone in Dublin castle

There came to me a judge
With whom I did converse
Galloping horses cost
The promise of good behaviour oh
The promise of good behaviour

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