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Album by Rise Against.
  1. Historia Calamitatum
  2. Death Blossoms
  3. Elective Amnesia
  4. Grammatizator
  5. Blind (cover of "Blind" by ​Face to Face)
  6. Everchanging (acoustic)
  7. Generation Lost
  8. Dirt and Roses
  9. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (cover of "Ballad Of Hollis Brown" by ​Bob Dylan)
  10. Sight Unseen
  11. Lanterns
  12. Making Christmas (cover of "Making Christmas" by ​Danny Elfman)
  13. Join the Ranks
  14. Built to Last
  15. Voice of Dissent
  16. Little Boxes (cover of "Little Boxes" by ​Malvina Reynolds)
  17. Give It All
  18. Minor Threat (live) (cover of "Minor Threat" by ​Minor Threat)
  19. Obstructed View
  20. But Tonight We Dance
  21. Nervous Breakdown (live) (cover of "Nervous Breakdown" by ​Black Flag)
  22. Gethsemane
  23. Boy's No Good (cover of "The Boy's No Good" by ​Lifetime)
  24. Any Way You Want It (cover of "Any Way You Want It" by ​Journey)
  25. Sliver (live) (cover of "Sliver" by ​Nirvana)
  26. The Ghost Of Tom Joad (live) (cover of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by ​Bruce Springsteen)

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