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Transistor Revolt (2000)Edit

Rise Against - Transistor Revolt

Transistor Revolt

  • Recorded under their previous name, Transistor Revolt. Three of the tracks on this EP can be found on The Unraveling (2001).
  1. Reception Fades
  2. The Art of Losing
  3. Two
  4. Join the Ranks

The Unraveling (2001)Edit

Rise Against - The Unraveling

The Unraveling

  1. Alive and Well
  2. My Life Inside Your Heart
  3. Great Awakening
  4. Six Ways 'til Sunday
  5. 401 Kill
  6. The Art of Losing
  7. Remains of Summer Memories
  8. The Unraveling
  9. Reception Fades
  10. Stained Glass and Marble
  11. Everchanging
  12. Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
  13. 3 Day Weekend
  14. 1000 Good Intentions
  15. Weight of Time
  16. Faint Resemblance
2005 Re-release Bonus Tracks
  1. Join the Ranks
  2. Gethsemane

Revolutions per Minute (2003)Edit

Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute

Revolutions Per Minute

  1. Black Masks & Gasoline
  2. Heaven Knows
  3. Dead Ringer
  4. Halfway There
  5. Like the Angel
  6. Voices off Camera
  7. Blood-Red, White, and Blue
  8. Broken English
  9. Last Chance Blueprint
  10. To the Core
  11. Torches
  12. Amber Changing
  13. Any Way You Want It

Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004)Edit

Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Siren Song of the Counter Culture

  1. State of the Union
  2. The First Drop
  3. Life Less Frightening
  4. Paper Wings
  5. Blood to Bleed
  6. To Them These Streets Belong
  7. Tip the Scales
  8. Anywhere but Here
  9. Give It All
  10. Dancing for Rain
  11. Swing Life Away
  12. Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Bonus Tracks
  1. Obstructed View
  2. Fix Me (cover of "Fix Me" by Black Flag)

The Sufferer & the Witness (2006)Edit

Rise Against - The Sufferer & The Witness

The Sufferer & the Witness

  1. Chamber the Cartridge
  2. Injection
  3. Ready to Fall
  4. Bricks
  5. Under the Knife
  6. Prayer of the Refugee
  7. Drones
  8. The Approaching Curve
  9. Worth Dying For
  10. Behind Closed Doors
  11. Roadside
  12. The Good Left Undone
  13. Survive
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. But Tonight We Dance
European Bonus Track
  1. Boy's No Good
Bonus Track
  1. Built to Last

This Is Noise (2007)Edit

Rise Against - This Is Noise

This Is Noise

International Track Listing

  1. Boy's No Good (Lifetime cover)
  2. Fix Me (cover of "Fix Me" by Black Flag)
  3. Obstructed View
  4. But Tonight We Dance
  5. Nervous Breakdown (cover of "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag)

European Track Listing

  1. Obstructed View
  2. But Tonight We Dance
  3. Like the Angel (live) (Warped Tour 2006)
  4. State of the Union (live) (Warped Tour 2006)
  5. Everchanging (acoustic)
  6. Minor Threat (live) (cover of "Minor Threat" by Minor Threat)
  7. Nervous Breakdown (live) (cover of "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag)

Rise Against (AOL Undercover) (2007)Edit

Rise Against - Rise Against (AOL Undercover)

Rise Against (AOL Undercover)

  1. For What It's Worth (Acoustic) (cover of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield)
  2. Prayer of the Refugee (Acoustic)
  3. Ready to Fall (Acoustic)
  4. Swing Life Away (Acoustic)
Bonus Track
  1. Tour Song (Acoustic) (cover of "Tour Song" by Jawbreaker)

Appeal to Reason (2008)Edit

Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

Appeal to Reason

  1. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
  2. Long Forgotten Sons
  3. Re-Education (Through Labor)
  4. The Dirt Whispered
  5. Kotov Syndrome
  6. From Heads Unworthy
  7. The Strength to Go On
  8. Audience of One
  9. Entertainment
  10. Hero of War
  11. Savior
  12. Hairline Fracture
  13. Whereabouts Unknown
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. Elective Amnesia
European Bonus Track
  1. Historia Calamitatum

Endgame (2011)Edit

Rise Against - Endgame


  1. Architects
  2. Help Is on the Way
  3. Make It Stop (September's Children)
  4. Disparity by Design
  5. Satellite
  6. Midnight Hands
  7. Survivor Guilt
  8. Broken Mirrors
  9. Wait for Me
  10. A Gentlemen's Coup
  11. This Is Letting Go
  12. Endgame
iTunes Bonus Tracks
  1. Lanterns

Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013 (2013)Edit

Rise Against - Long Forgotten Songs- B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013

Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013

  1. Historia Calamitatum
  2. Death Blossoms
  3. Elective Amnesia
  4. Grammatizator
  5. Blind (cover of "Blind" by Face to Face)
  6. Everchanging (acoustic)
  7. Generation Lost
  8. Dirt and Roses
  9. Ballad of Hollis Brown (cover of "Ballad Of Hollis Brown" by Bob Dylan)
  10. Sight Unseen
  11. Lanterns
  12. Making Christmas (cover of "Making Christmas" by Danny Elfman)
  13. Join the Ranks
  14. Built to Last
  15. Voice of Dissent
  16. Little Boxes (cover of "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds)
  17. Give It All
  18. Minor Threat (live) (cover of "Minor Threat" by Minor Threat)
  19. Obstructed View
  20. But Tonight We Dance
  21. Nervous Breakdown (live) (cover of "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag)
  22. Gethsemane
  23. Boy's No Good (Lifetime cover)
  24. Any Way You Want It (cover of "Any Way You Want It" by Journey)
  25. Sliver (live) (cover of "Sliver" by Nirvana)
  26. The Ghost of Tom Joad (live) (cover of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Bruce Springsteen)

The Black Market (2014)Edit

Rise Against - The Black Market

The Black Market

  1. The Great Die-Off
  2. I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore
  3. Tragedy + Time
  4. The Black Market
  5. The Eco-Terrorist in Me
  6. Sudden Life
  7. A Beautiful Indifference
  8. Methadone
  9. Zero Visibility
  10. Awake Too Long
  11. People Live Here
  12. Bridges
Japan Bonus Track
  1. Escape Artists

Wolves (2017)Edit

Rise Against - Wolves


  1. Wolves
  2. House on Fire
  3. The Violence
  4. Welcome to the Breakdown
  5. Far From Perfect
  6. Bullshit
  7. Politics of Love
  8. Parts Per Million
  9. Mourning In Amerika
  10. How Many Walls
  11. Miracle
Bonus Tracks
  1. Megaphone
  2. Broadcast[Signal]Frequency

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs from Video GamesEdit

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. About Damn Time

Additional information

Band members:

Former members:

  • Mr. Precision Wikipedia16 – Lead guitar, backing vocals (1999–2002)
  • Toni Tintari – Drums (1999–2000)
  • Todd Mohney Wikipedia16 – Lead guitar, backing vocals (2002–2004)
  • Chris Chasse – Lead guitar, backing vocals (2004–2007)

Related artists:

  • 88 Fingers Louie (After the break up, Joe Principe and Dan Wleklinski went on to form Rise Against.)
  • Arma Angelus (Tim McIlrath left in 1999 to help form Rise Against.)
  • The Killing Tree (Side project of Tim McIlrath and also contain a former member, guitarist Todd Mohney.)

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