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Turn Me Off

This song is by Rise.

(Verse 1: Rise)
I got talent, endurance, strong will, desire
Rise, the best thing since the wheel and fire
Broad overview, work for success but it's amazing
How stress and bullshit jobs fit in the equation
Fittingly I'm raisin' some high expectations
It's trying my patience to vibe with these nations
Too many rappers that can't rhyme get high ratings
I write like I'm locked up, denied visitation
{"Rep twenty-four seven"} progress with no stallin'
Now people stop and watch like I'm ????
Before they wasn't calling, they didn't know I spit rhymes
I got introduced to the same cats like six times
Stay away from ? that I peep on my block
Don't wanna be apart of the climb but wanna meet me up top
My whole life is now music from my hat to my feet
I got rhymes written on my beat sheets for streets

If you like rappers that bite all soundin' alike (turn me off)
The beats hype but the rhyming aiight (turn me off)
Don't wanna think when you listen to rhymes (turn me off)
Or anything along those lines (turn me off)
Rappers only when they say they got loot (turn me off)
If you like this song cause you think that I'm cute (turn me off)
If I make it and you don't believe that I can
All you wack motherfuckers don't need to expand

(Verse 2: Rise)
I'm broke but I keep writin' cause that's part of the duty
I'm livin' like Scarface at the start of the movie
But it's cool, it's not a question if I prevail?
Son you ballin' but you're runnin' with the female league
I'm a rare breed like mixing and Ox and a Cat
In the back nobody's knows that I'm the baddest on tracks
I'm never sleepin', constantly my crews preparing
Always keep my head up, I don't know what shoes I'm wearing
Optimistic, check the silver lining in clouds
People feel you 'cause you're jumpin' and you rhyming all loud
I act too cool for teeshirts, I was gave blessin'
A deep cat, high voice, no stage presence
Local props from the kids on the block
Draw static like watching video's on the box
I rhyme about the way I rhyme, life, or the way I feel
I love rap but despise all the lawyers and deals

(Verse 3: Rise)
I got no time for frontin' only got a minute on Earth
You wanna be an MC you gotta put in the work
There's too much talent to be struggelin somebody answer me why
The music industry is funny like the Family Guy
The fantasy lies in video's and the message they give
But ???? messages can mess up your kids
Rap is self-expression, don't write what you're told to write
Who am I to judge? I'm a rap fan with total?
And an MC and artist who's giving his all
In a class with no teachers or students at all
Living to spit, the worlds not giving a shit
So me neither I don't care if you listen to this
Cause real MC's are back now, I'm living as proof
I rain flood the suburbs to make you sit on your roof
Live in the booth, but truth never got the respect
Fake rap fans I hope you press stop and eject

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