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This song is by Rise and appears on the album Pentagramnation (2009).

Hail Horrors! Hail Infernal World!
And thou profoundest Hell
Receive thy new possessors!

Flame the torch shining only darkness
Against the star crossed skies
No light, fire illuminating shadows
Clash on our sounding shields
The deafening din of war

More grand than wondering tell of Babel,
And the works of Memphian Kings.
So collective our battle cries rise
Finally pouring on the mass of...

... Krisztus

We are one from below to high above
We are one from the far east to where the sun rests eternally
We are one Pentagramnation

Solo: Istvan

The sudden blaze of wrath will far wide
Illuminate the terrors of hell
In any age are we to lie down?
My sentence is for open war!

Solo: Istvan

To hurl defiance towards the vault of heaven...
Awake! Arise! Or be forever fallen! (pólóra)


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