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Opus Requiem

This song is by Rise and appears on the album Pentagramnation (2009).

And so he was turned away
To hide faces, guilt among the trees
Life froze in his veins
His limbs root to the ground
The failed soul runs a river of sorrow

Living yet breathless, he fades to a dark shade
At last the voice remained, vanished into gray
Far from fair kingdoms the voice has life...

The infernal river is unsettled by his crossing
Away from three-headed guardians
He runs towards the shade of life
His song ascends to the mount of heaven

Solo: James Murphy

As he runs from Hades
Turned around losing her to darkness

Alone with the standing trees
The deepest wild
They say he was swallowed by a river full of rage
His blood is the vengeful River
His bones are the stones

His soul calls to her eternally

Solo: Istvan

Reaching only darkness

The voice remains captured by his sorrow and pain
Then slowly fades like a dying flame

Solo: Istvan
Solo: Dave Suzuki

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