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No Faith

This song is by Rise and appears on the single The Wickedest Flow (2001).

'It's cool... Yeah, I ain't believe I could do it...'

Abusing the mic, rhymes rolled a few in the night
Knowing my teams special like we do in a hype
But due to the price of fame and economical limits
My wallet has nothing but id's and receipts in it
Started to fiend, Rise the artist in gene
There's two types of bills, I had the ones that aren't green
'Cause when you're a new act in the back of the scene
Starting off you get treated like Jack with the bean
Your dreams tossed out the window, they question why you choose it
But if you be the artist they all knew you could do it
Bad advice hurts like a jagged knife poked in your spine
Dipped in salt and rusted after soaking in limes
Most of the time there's eyes in the back of my head
Cause people falling off on the way and grabbing your leg
Battle for bread till you dead, stress harden my face
Take over this huge planet its just a marble in space

They said I couldn't do it, I was wasting my time
And now they're early to my shows sleeping in line
Can't wait till I rhyme so I can scream and they cheer it
But sorry y'all it's too late I don't want to hear it
They said I couldn't do it, ain't believing my shit
Now they peeping my hits and want to be on the list
People are trips, slept now they screaming and cheering...
But it's too late I don't want to hear 'em

I couldn't take it anymore, my songs not in any stores
Broke it's a joke to be poor, needed a penny more
Paying dues with IOU's, I need another job
Screening phone calls lying to Discover Cards
When they call, I ain't paid them in months, they sound upset
But they don't know my voice, so I tell them that I just left
An everyday struggle, the fight of my life
It's like I got the dynamite but got to fight for the light
So I keep it moving, but never let the dust settle
'Cause rappers nowadays make me want to switch to metal
I hate the rotation, the stations are all fools
I only listen to tapes of Jazz and Old School
I'm going to blow if it kills you, but they'll hold the checks
It's not who flows the best, its about your rolodex
So I flow to wreck and I don't get so upset
Because I know I'm loved by millions, they don't know it yet

And peace to my fam for understanding my ways
And realizing that this rap thing is more than a faze
I worked on nothing but my music and that had to be days
When they thought I'm chilling, like the bills are magically paid
At night when I laid sometimes I just wished for a change,
Wanted to elevate, got helped in picking my name
I been slept on, on the climb, but I still rhyme
Who's the victim in the crime if I try to kill time
Suicide, who could rise without going back down
To levels where dropped pennies pierce a hole in the ground
Rocking the best, till the doc shocking my chest
See, fucking with this rap shit I got it to death
And they say your working best as an artist when your hungry
Some dope niggas made some money and got comfy
The dopest is Rise, who's left scooping these guys
Axis, Three - Six, so open your eyes

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