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Into Oblivion

This song is by Rise and appears on the album Divine Aeternum (2003).

Fallen from the start the beginning at it's end
Another life drifting into the deepest sea of Pain
Hopeless your future forgotten you are

Life at it's end and you will fall again you will fall

Time is now to live your foreverness is false
Breathe the air the deepest you can
See your sky the longest
Forever mark the time left behind
Cause one by one you all will fall...

Look into your children's eye
Then see your life reflect from decades ago
Reflections from the past
Brings the horror to your mind...

Into Oblivion...

Lead - István

The superior ruler unfolds his domain
And you all must go again death was victorious
And unforgiven you all are...

Life at it's very end
And you will fall into oblivion...

Lead - Rik

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