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Hymnus Obscurum - Anthem Of Darkness

This song is by Rise and appears on the album Pentagramnation (2009).

The ancestral terror of immortal myth
The darkness is the wisdom and warfare
Sprung forth like that eastern goddess
From the head of ancient man

The path back to relics
Is shrouded by lore of shadowed trees
The fear of shaded holtes hore
Journey fast through Eddaic dreams

Stare long enough into the abyss
To behold its darkening gaze
This is an anthem to that unknown

The river Styx runs legend
The fates cut only fabled threads
This pledge is to that mystery
Growing in chronicles dead

Behold the wrath of imagination
The ancestral terror of immortal myth
This anthem is to mortal invention

Behold the vengeance of man's mind
As he gazes deep into the abyss
As he runs erect towards the heavens
As he traces demons within the umbra

Bear witness to the rise of man
As he tears down heaven
A creation of earthly lore
Standing triumphant over holtes hore

Solo: James Murphy
Solo: Istvan