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This song is by Rise.

{"You can go anywhere"}

(Verse 1: Rise)
A word grew to be a bar, then a bar to a verse
This verse grew to be a song then the song to a thirst
A thirst to a search for diverse persons to work
It didn't work so I became the persons I searched
And practiced the gifts
Instead of buying jacket's and kicks
I needed shit that'll get me better samples and kicks
And better audio and other things improving the sound
Money and family can't mix like Honey Love and Doo Doo Brown
So I don't borrow, 9 to 5, I come home and rap
In open mics hopin' that they pull my name out a hat
I need time to grow 'cause I can think and write like the man
But I rhyme to the floor and muffle the mic with my hand
I'm kinda busy now but always try to write when I can
I gotta make it man, my face'll like nice on the van
So from tapes to dats to features on tracks on wax
Learn to blaze the tracks but leavin' the past as the past
And keep growin', keep flowin', movin' on with no problem
If not I'd still be kickin' my verse off the Lounge album
Little more respect I'm gettin' now when it's about time
Cause nigga's knew I rhyme but they didn't know if I rhyme ryhme
Look, I'm unsigned still now but ask if I care
Evolveing high-speed, from a tree seed to a chair
So if your doin' what you love and don't believe in your fear

{"You can go anywhere"}

(Verse 2: Rise)
Now try to stop me if you dare
I love rap now it's not just a seedy affair
The CD is here, cease to believe in the rare
This MC that'll lead a crew that's deeper than his
The weak interfered but now you see that the weak isn't here
We learned to say fuck cats that only recently cared
So beats are prepared, for weeks we've been tweaking these snares
And working out, running miles, punching meat in a freezer
And grew to the point where now I only speak to your leaders
You can't stop me so (?) me, the hardest'll pass
You went the whole 9 yards, I went 9 and a 1/2
The length of the field, scored, did the Bird, kept running
Then in to the crowd (???) and the floors I'm buggin'
Sprint to the back row and down to the back of the wall
Same speed as before and still protecting the ball
Controlling my breath, timing my steps, rhyming with depth
Yo Rise is wylin' out how much time he got left?
Well I'm the main character and this movie just started
You wack rappers signed your death warrant as soon as you bought it
So welcome to a mindstate that's dark but still bright
A lot of innovaters now are hard to still life
Yo everydody falls but that's no my story
You gotta hand it to me that's why my fans support me
People that once ignored, bored, now they brag they saw me
Rise, I elevate, simple, self-explanitory

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