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This song is by Rise and appears on the album Divine Aeternum (2003).

A tormented souls cry
Disrupting my dimension
A sudden freeze of the heart
The beginning of his end...

Vengeance is my quest
For all those who died...

I enter the great beyond and feed my hate to god...
Deceiver... I shall give as I receive... hatred is my
Gift to all that is blessed torment and fear was
Your gift to man delusioned fools took your bribe
And now they possess a life of nothingness...

Lost in this maze
Too weak to react
Another ruined soul
Proceeding towards the end
Fall through the passage
Your flock chose for you
Believer... it's time to repent...

Lead - Rik

Fear not for you are forgiven by your god...

I enter the great beyond and feed my hate
To god... deceiver...

Lead - István

Deceiver... your time will come...

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