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As The Souls Cry In Harmony

This song is by Rise and appears on the album Pentagramnation (2009).

A hymn is carried on the mist
Blanketing cold on a night lit sea
Battle cries crash white against ancient cliffs
The storming haunted coast of fallen warriors

On the shores their souls number the grains
Far away from the horizon's broken enclosure
Among the world of dawn and dimming twilight
The waves carry the forgotten smell of defeat

Their gods were of different times and space
Hadur, Ares, Odin and Bellona
But their spirits remain together on the bounds
Their voices cry siren arias of...

Solo: Istvan

Crumbling sands of time
Where ocean meets land
But eternal are their voices
As they sing the song of constant thunder

The Elder cliffs hold against an endless tide
As they stare with longing into the vast Pacific

Yet their souls cry eternally

Within the world of dawn and dimming twilight
Wind tears through their spirits
As they sing their song in anguished harmony

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