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A Prophet's Demise

This song is by Rise and appears on the album Pentagramnation (2009).

Ecce Angus Dei! Crucifigatur! Desolatus!
Ecco Homo ab ira tua,
Decessus aeternus propetae!

Dark seas reflect dark skies
As storms are gathered to Golgothan shores
On rotten wood in the place of skulls
Where only mother and whore stay to mourn

Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum

The king of emptiness on the ninth hour cried
An ocean of humanity witnessing execution
A mass with ardor begging him to die

His subjects screamed in mutiny of tyranny
A crown of horns adorned the prophet's demise
May his blood be on us and our children
The earth shivered with his retraction of life

E'lo-i! E'lo-i, la'ma sa bach-tha'ni?

Solo: Istvan

King of Jews, Father of Lies
Loved only by the meek and the scarlet
Roaring skies signal the end of his time

A nefarious mirror of the netherworld
Reflects the darkness of vengeful heavens
Forsaken to demise, the prophet is born
His oath of life carries the will of living death
Horns adorn the prophet's demise

Solo: Istvan

Plagues, infernal torture and eternal pain
O, how the Lord loves his children!
Enchained in the cave, the light from the flame
Murderers, genocide; in him all is forgiven

Behold the lamb of god! Let him be Crucified! Forsake him!
Behold the man from your wrath!
The prophet's eternal demise!

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