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Do It Up

This song is by Riot and appears on the album Narita (1979).

I'm in the mood,
Rhythm feels right.
Gonna rock you babe,
I'm gonna do it all night.
Get your fire burnin',
Knock you off your feet.
I'm gonna rip it down,
Oh, turn on the heat.
We're gonna do it up.
We're gonna turn it on.
We're gonna do it up.
Ooh, gonna pour it on.
'Cause tonight's the night, the night,
We're gonna rip it up.
Let it ride, let it fly,
Set yourself free.
If you need a little lovin',
You just come and see me.
I'll make you feel so good,
I'll turn you on.
I'll keep you comin',
While I sing you a song.
Hey baby, I got a little song for you.
Turn it up
Me and the boys
Gonna pour it on
Tonight's the night
Do you up
Rock and roll ya baby.
In the mood
Fire burning
Turn on the heat
Oh boy, nice catch...
Do you up.

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