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English PencilEdit

I pray to the 15th-night moon that I might be happy
In the shade of a large palm tree

Memories in which my beloved's face
Always comes to me so longingly
Set adrift on the gentle wind

The flower of love that grows in moonlight
Wandering on a salt wind, the sound of foamy waves and the shamisen

Flowing deeply into my heart and painting the night sky
The beauty of the constellations

Original (Japanese) PencilEdit

お十五夜ぬ御月 果報さ願う

愛しゃる面影 いてぃいてぃまでぃん
懐かしゃさ浮かぶ 想い出よ

月夜ぬ明かがりに 萌ゆる恋ぬ花
潮風に漂う 白波とぅ三味ぬ音

肝深く流れぃ 夜空よいろどる